Email template for staff


Subject: Supporting Industrial action by UoB UNISON

Email text:

Dear Professor Welch,

Unison represents staff across all divisions and departments of the university and intend to strike to show that we are struggling with the rising cost of living. 

Please publicly support your staff and help end UNISON’s strike and University of Bristol staff’s struggle to be paid fairly and in line with inflation. 

UNISON does not want to strike; we all care about the impact this will have on our students and our colleagues. We cannot keep a leading university running, and look after students as well as we would want to, while we are worrying about our decreasing pay and increasing bills. University of Bristol UNISON branch feel they have been left with no other option than to strike.  

The university can afford to pay staff more. It reported at the end of 2021 that cash and cash equivalents rose during the pandemic to £222.4 million, including an £86.6 million surplus for that year (rising from £81.8 million in 2020). The university’s income is rising year on year. 

I am emailing to ask that you support your staff in asking the university to increase staff wages in line with inflation.

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