Are you 27 or under and working at the University of Bristol? Whether you’re a student working part-time at university events, an administrator in an academic faculty or you work in admissions, by joining UNISON you can gain access to support and advice for a whole range of workplace issues.

Two people stand behind a UNISON stall, in front of a banner saying 'Don't get screwed'

UNISON members held a stall at University of Bath Students’ Union to talk to students about the benefits of joining a trade union.

This November, we want to hear about the issues that are facing you at work. We will be holding a stall on campus and a meeting for young workers. Details TBC. To be invited to the meeting, or to find out more about UNISON, please get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you! Join us, and join the struggle to protect and improve your rights at work.

Check out UNISON’s ’27 under 27′ project, a set of portraits of young members, with some biographical information, showing the range of work and contribution they make, and the interests they have.

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