5 Tyndall’s Avenue Alison Capey
Arts Sophie Leather
St Augustine’s Courtyard Nathan Street
Arts and Social Sciences Library Mia Smith
CALD Alice Chadwick
Disability Services Caroline Edwards
Economics Kayla Painter
Engineering Oscar Illingworth
Geography Tilly Plummer
Great George Street Jenny Jackson & Vicky Redwood
IT Aidan Bowes
Library Services Danielle Cooper
Management Deborah Bruce
Policy Studies Natascha Imlay
Residential Life Amie Andrew, Chris Fortune & George Wadey
Science Vacant
Senate House Andy Chadwick & Alex Kidd
SPAIS Tommy March
Student Resolution Polly Clare-Hudson, Hannah Ladkoo and Sean McCorry
SU Finn Northrop
Wellbeing Aubrey Dye

Workplace Representatives are located across the university and can be a first port of call for queries for Unison members for guidance in these localities. Workplace Reps sit under the Education Officer, Andy Chadwick.

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