Your Branch

For information to Join UNISON see here.

The costs to join Unison are as follows:

Annual salary Monthly cost
Up to £2,000 £1.30
£2,001 – £5,000 £3.50
£5,001 – £8,000 £5.30
£8,001 – £11,000 £6.60
£11,001 – £14,000 £7.85
£14,001 – £17,000 £9.70
£17,001 – £20,000 £11.50
£20,001 – £25,000 £14.00
£25,001 – £30,000 £17.25
£30,001 – £35,000 £20.30
Over £35,000 £22.50

Here you can find the names and contact details for the staff who run your branch:

Get involved

We are always looking for members who are willing to take on responsibilities within our branch, including branch Officers and Stewards. For more information on the types of jobs you can do within the branch, take a look at the Job Role Descriptors. If you are interested in becoming more involved in UNISON but don’t have too much time to commit to an Officer or Steward role, we are always on the look out for members who will act as “post boxes” for their building, to receive information from UNISON for noticeboards and for staff areas. Such members can also act as another set of “eyes and ears” for what is happening on the ground. If this is something that you would be happy to do please contact us.

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